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HL7 Message Browser

The HL7 Message Browser is a useful parsing utility included with the Chameleon™ Messaging Toolkit, which provides a user friendly tree browser view of an HL7 message.

What Does it Do?

HL7 messages are made up of segments, composites and primitive data types. Special characters inside each HL7 message such as | and ^ are used as delimiters to separate the various fields that comprise each message. After looking at a few, you will find it can be quite a tedious process to read an entire HL7 message.

Sample HL7 Message:

Basic HL7 Message Parsing

The HL7 Message Browser is used for parsing HL7 messages so that they become easily readable. You can automatically parse an HL7 message using the Message Browser with a single click. This transforms the HL7 message into a nicely structured tree browser format, where each data field is labeled according to the official HL7 message standards.

Not only is the tree labeled, but it is also color coded to highlight required fields.

The HL7 Message Browser also features context highlighting, which makes it easy to locate and diagnose issues with specific fields when parsing HL7 messages.

Customized Table View of HL7 Messages

The HL7 Message Browser also features a table view, which enables you to easily visualize and test your message configuration mappings.

Notice the simple and organized format for displaying only the relevant information that has been extracted from the HL7 messages.

Want to know more about the HL7 Message Browser?

For detailed information, please refer to our online manual, or download a copy of the Chameleon™ HL7 Messaging Toolkit to try it out for free!

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