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HL7 Tutorials

Below you will find a full listing of our tutorials. Our HL7 tutorials aim to provide you with an introduction to HL7 and HL7 messages. In addition to these tutorials, we provide detailed tutorials on Iguana™. These step-by-step tutorials offer an easy way to become familiar with the functionality of our products.

HL7 Tutorials

The following HL7 tutorials will help to give you a general overview and understanding of what HL7 is, how HL7 works, and what an HL7 message looks like.

How does HL7 work?

HL7 acts as the standard for interoperability of health information technology. But... how does it work?

Video Version

How does an HL7 message look?

Watch as we dive deep into the different elements that constitute the components of an HL7 message.

Video Version

For additional videos, please visit our video vault.

Iguana™ 5 Tutorials

Tutorial Series #1 - Everything you need to know to map HL7 into a database

In this tutorial series, we walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a realistic inbound interface that can receive HL7 messages and process the information into a database.

Part 1 - Getting Started

The first video in our series demonstrates how to setup your environment to begin building a realistic inbound interface.

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Part 2 - Mapping Demographic Information

In part two of our series, you will begin creating an interface which involves looking at the incoming HL7 message, parsing the message and saving some basic demographic information.

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Part 3 - Mapping Repeating Information.

The third video of our series takes a look at the more complex mapping of repeating fields. This tutorial will deal specifically with next of kin information.

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Part 4 - Putting A Channel Into Production.

In the fourth video of our series, you will learn how to deploy your functioning interface into production.

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Part 5 - Mapping Weight

The fifth video in our series demonstrates the true power of what a scripting based mapper can do by showing you how to handle non-trival mappings.

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To follow along, download a free fully functional trial of Iguana™.

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