Education & Research

Aggregating and exchanging data with disparate systems is seamless with Iguana’s comprehensive development environment and ease of maintenance.

Use the Iguana integration engine to power research initiatives supporting provider and patient education

Enhance your analytical and educational workflows while meeting the ever-changing demands of the healthcare landscape.

Around the world, clinical research and education play an essential role in improving and evolving clinical techniques surrounding prevention, diagnosis and treatment. In today’s IT landscape and cutting edge analytics technology, unlocking the full potential of research data has never been more achievable. However, in a clinical setting, data is often siloed in various applications. 

The Iguana integration engine removes this roadblock through enabling organizations to aggregate and exchange data with the vast variety of systems and applications housing valuable clinical, administrative and operational insights. Iguana offers seamless connectivity and a comprehensive development environment enabling teams to collect large quantities of real time and historical data to power research initiatives supporting provider and patient education.   

Benefits in Education & Research

Breakdown data silos

Healthcare applications are highly fragmented with data flowing from a growing number of sources. Often, complex problems require multifaceted research strategies. Iguana enables teams to meet all connectivity requirements for aggregating data from disparate systems. Working with disparate source systems, also comes with the challenge of handling a variety of data formats. Iguana provides deep support for a broad range of modern and legacy data formats, such as HL7, FHIR, CSV, CDA, CCD, X12, XML, JSON, and more.

Support high volumes of data

Education and research is data driven. When working with large volumes of data, a high performing integration engine capable of collecting both real time and historical data is a necessity for successful data aggregation. Iguana is known for being one of the fastest integration engines on the market, capable of processing tens of millions of messages a day on modest hardware.

Improve Patient Engagement and Education

Imperative to prevention and treatment of conditions is patient engagement and education. Collaboration between research and education entities and care providers is required to provide effective patient education. Iguana helps to facilitate this collaboration, strengthening patient education and visibility through providing integration between clinical systems and patient engagement applications.

Empower your team

Iguana’s powerful Translator development environment enables teams to not only aggregate the information, but normalize and enrich the data, streamlining the data processing effort. Iguana’s small learning curve empowers organizations to build and maintain interfaces quickly with minimal IT resources.

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