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Discover Why Providers & Vendors Prefer Iguana over Redox

While the claims of no-code, service-based solutions like Redox can be tempting, it's crucial to consider the drawbacks that may come with a purely "hands-off" approach — escalating costs, diminished control, and limited adaptability.

At iNTERFACEWARE, we recognize the critical decision-making involved in selecting the right integration engine for long-term success.

Uncover why Iguana stands as the optimal solution over Redox for your healthcare integration needs.

As the preferred alternative to Redox, Iguana future-proofs your integrations, empowering you to connect any systems


Discover why 900+ companies like these choose Iguana

The Advantages of Iguana

Iguana: A Powerful Alternative To The Redox Integration Engine

Iguana is a leading integration engine trusted by healthcare organizations worldwide. With its robust transformation engine, extensive connectivity options, and focus on data quality control, Iguana empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate disparate systems and improve patient care.

In the complex realm of integration engines, partnering with a company you can trust is key to long term success:

Iguana vs. Redox
Interface Development

Interface Development & Customization

Iguana: Quick and easy interface development with code autocompletion and live annotations.

Reusable modules speed up the process, especially when scaling up with new interfaces.

Future proof your integration, knowing that Iguana can be customized to handle any unique requirements.

"Iguana is a very easy product to use..."

"...a pleasure to work with, and its user-friendliness and capabilities really set it apart..."

"What I like most is the flexibility for creating and updating custom interface channels."

Redox: While interfaces are constructed on your behalf, it's essential to acknowledge that internal development is still required to initiate the connections to Redox’s endpoints. 

On the surface they may seem to offer convenience, but users ultimately surrender direct control over interface customization. Consider also deployment timelines—will it align with your schedule or be dictated by Redox?

Opt for an integration engine that puts you in full control, and empowers you with the tools and flexibility to build interfaces to your standards.

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Maintenance & Support of Integrations

Iguana: Iguana's robust logging system makes troubleshooting easy.

Search message logs with text queries or regular expressions to extract the insight you need.

Built-in Git version control makes it easy to compare versions and reverse changes as needed.

Iguana's comprehensive documentation and exceptionally responsive support team ensure you are never without guidance.

"Iguana is easy to use and has great tools for analysis, evaluation, troubleshooting, etc."

"There is nothing to dislike. Great support, very reliable, easy to troubleshoot issues."

Redox: While Redox offers a managed solution, it's crucial to weigh the reliance on a third party for ongoing maintenance.

Consider the potential need for support hours, and the impact caused by the inability to make necessary updates on your own. With potentially limited or costly support hours, addressing concerns about timely assistance and the potential for vendor lock-in becomes paramount.

Consider choosing an integration engine that makes it easier for you to monitor and update your own interfaces, with full direct control.

Cost & Value

Overall Cost & Value

Iguana: With clear and simple pricing based on the number of interfaces, Iguana brings no surprises when it comes to cost.

The value extends well beyond the product itself – iNTERFACEWARE is a partner you can rely on for the long run.

"Iguana has been rock solid from the day we installed it, 13 years ago. It is so stable we have not needed to upgrade!"

"The business model is built on service!… We are not a number – Your team is viewed as an extension of our local resources.”

Redox: As with any engine, it is important to thoroughly understand the pricing structure with Redox and inquire about potential initial, recurring, or transaction-based fees tied to usage.

Assess the overall value proposition and contemplate how additional support or custom development might impact costs. Remember to evaluate these considerations in relation to Redox's 'integration as a service,' taking into account your project scope and future expansion plans.


*Iguana testimonials are quoted directly from public reviews on G2.

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Iguana: End-to-End System Compatibility - Guaranteed

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Via Any Transport Protocol

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  • Database (OCI / ODBC)
  • Web Services (SOAP, RESTful)
  • File System
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Iguana provides you with complete flexibility over your interfaces.

Let us show you why providers and vendors choose Iguana over Redox Engine:

Unrivaled Stability and Performance

Rated 4.8 / 5 stars


"We process 20 million+ HL7 messages daily over 2500+ channels and Iguana keeps doesn't lag behind. Iguana has been a great, reliable, and stable product for our company for more than a decade."

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