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Decrease your time to market, increase your speed to revenue, and reduce your total cost of ownership with our robust, end-to-end integration solution.

Iguana enables vendors standardize their approaches to facilitate interoperability, providing the necessary data translations to build bridges between disparate systems

Iguana enables vendors to support their offering and gain a competitive advantage

The modern healthcare landscape is enormously fragmented, with a vast selection of vendors to choose from. As a result, healthcare environments are often composed of a patchwork of systems, making interoperability less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

Therefore, developing a system infrastructure that is conducive to data sharing and collaboration is becoming a priority for many organizations. While vendors are trying to meet the growing demand for data neutrality among their customers, proprietary tags and data structures remain prevalent. Although vendors may not be able to immediately standardize their approaches to facilitate interoperability, integration platforms provide the data translations necessary to build those bridges between these disparate systems.

By implementing an integration engine such as Iguana, vendors will be able to easily connect to these various systems and support rapid data translation and exchange between their clients and their healthcare platform.

Benefits for Software/Hardware Vendors

Meet connectivity requirements

Iguana’s development environment provides the flexibility necessary to support a breadth of connectivity protocols and security standards, allowing you to connect to any system within any environment to gather and exchange the data you need.

Fast time to market

Scaling quickly is a cornerstone for a successful vendor. Iguana provides out-of-the-box and customizable interface templates that enable you to onboard new clients quickly, allowing you to effectively and easily scale your business while ensuring a high return on investment.

Bypass technical barriers

Not all systems are created equal. The healthcare ecosystem consists of various data types, outputs and formatting structures, some of which may not adhere fully to the interoperability requirements of your proprietary platform. Iguana allows you to bridge these gaps and break down technical barriers by normalizing data and correcting processing errors that stem from inconsistent data quality and development standards.

Expand market reach

Not only can integration become a competitive advantage for vendors to expand their market reach, it can also be a valuable source for brand new opportunities. The ability to connect with any system or device can open markets that vendors may not have pursued otherwise

Flexible deployment with high visibility

Iguana can easily be deployed on premise at client’s sites or in a centrally, on physical, virtual machines in a datacenter or in a cloud environment. Iguana enables visibility regardless of your deployment model through monitoring and alerting tools that provide granular insight into server and interface health and status.

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