About Us

Making integration easy and loving every second of it.

Established in 1997

iNTERFACEWARE was founded over 15 years ago and we've been growing ever since. Today, more than 800 healthcare providers and software companies around the world use our integration engine, Iguana, to connect systems, monitor transactions, and automate workflows.

We like to keep things simple

  We build useful software.

Integration can be complicated. The software you use shouldn’t be. We build software that does just what you need and publish an open API to do everything you want.

  We communicate honestly.

We value strong relationships. From sales and marketing to support and documentation, we believe that honest and clear communication is the best way to build relationships.

  We stick to the basics.

We focus on what matters: A useful product, outstanding support, helpful documentation and great customer service. It’s a reputation we enjoy living up to.

  We are passionate.

We believe in what we do. For us, it’s not just about integration. It’s about making integration easier, so our customers can spend more time on what matters most to them. That’s something that’s easy to be passionate about.

Meet the team

Eliot Muir


Toni Skokovic

VP of Operations

Bret Dawson

VP of Development

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