What Is An HL7 Interface Engine?

An HL7 interface engine is a central hub that receives, routes, and sends HL7 messages to the appropriate healthcare information systems. A modern interface engine:

  • Simplifies integration by connecting healthcare systems
  • Supports all HL7 versions: HL7 v2.x, v3.x, and more
  • Ensures HL7 messages are communicated in a fast, reliable, secure and cost effective manner
Iguana is a modern HL7 interface engine

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Why Choose the Iguana HL7 Interface Engine?

At iNTERFACEWARE, we understand the importance of efficient and effective communication in healthcare. That's why we have developed the Iguana HL7 Interface Engine that simplifies the integration process and ensures seamless communication between systems. 

Our HL7 Interface Engine supports all major HL7 versions, including HL7 2.x and FHIR, and can easily handle large volumes of message processing.

Iguana simplifies the integration process

Simplified Integration Process

The Iguana HL7 Interface Engine offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to configure and manage interfaces quickly and easily, reducing integration time and costs.

Iguana supports all major HL7 versions

HL7 Version Support

Iguana supports all major HL7 versions, including HL7 2.x and FHIR, and can handle a wide range of healthcare data formats, such as ADT, ORM, ORU, and more.

Iguana efficiently processes HL7 messages

HL7 Message Processing

The Iguana HL7 Interface Engine supports both real-time and batch processing, making it ideal for a variety of use cases, from supporting critical patient care workflows to processing large volumes of data for analytics.

Iguana customizes HL7 data

HL7 Data Customization

Iguana can not only filter for the specific HL7 messages you want, but the message formatting can be completely customized to adhere to different system requirements, or even transformed to other data formats such as CDA, CCD, X12, JSON, EDI and more.

Iguana provides secure and reliable integration

Security and Reliability

The Iguana HL7 Interface Engine uses industry-standard encryption and authentication protocols to record user activity and log sensitive healthcare data securely.

Iguana provides 24/7 customer support

24/7 Customer Support

Iguana's team of experts provides exceptional customer support 24/7, ensuring that your healthcare organization's communication needs are always met.


Common HL7 Interface Engine Requirements


With the Iguana HL7 Interface Engine, you can filter HL7 messages based on specific criteria, such as message type, patient ID, or location, ensuring that only relevant data is processed and transmitted.



Iguana enables you to parse HL7 messages into an expandable tree-view format that is easy to read, allowing you to extract specific data elements, such as patient demographics, clinical orders, or lab results, for further processing or analysis.



Using Iguana, HL7 messages can be transformed to accommodate different HL7 versions, custom proprietary formats of HL7 messages or to other industry standard healthcare data formats that need to be processed by your health information system.


HL7 Integration You Can Trust

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"Iguana is very flexible and efficient for implementing HL7 interfaces and complex scripting tasks."

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End-to-End System Compatibility - Guaranteed

Send Any Data Format

  • HL7 v2
  • HL7 v3
  • FHIR
  • CDA
  • CCD
  • X12
  • EDI
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Delimited Text
  • ...and more

To/From Any System

  • EHRs (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, AthenaHealth, and more...)
  • Information Systems (HIS, LIS, RIS, BIS, PACS, HIE, and more...)
  • Devices (Medical Devices, Mobile Apps, Wearbles, etc.)
  • Databases (DB2, File Maker Pro, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.)

Via Any Transport Protocol

  • LLP
  • TCP / IP
  • Database (OCI / ODBC)
  • Web Services (SOAP, RESTful)
  • File System
  • ...and more
Iguana integrates any system with any data format with any transport protocol

Iguana is designed to work with any HL7 message requirements: