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Custom API Integrations

Mastering Custom Integrations: Transitioning to the Iguana Integration Engine

Harris Healthcare, a global software vendor, needed to migrate from BizTalk to a new, modern integration platform. They seamlessly transitioned existing interfaces from their central patient portal, which relied on specialized APIs for access. Developing replacement interfaces was crucial to uphold connections between their patient CRM and systems like DrFirst's Rcopia and Atlas MD.

By developing custom API integrations in Iguana, we successfully migrated the client's interfaces which handled the management of e-prescriptions and lab orders/results.

The transition from Biztalk to Iguana led to improved interface maintenance, and a future-proof solution that guarantees compatibility with additional system integrations as their business grows.

High Performance

Seamlessly Support High Volume Data Processing and Exchange

The University of Michigan's Department of Anesthesiology relies on a multitude of healthcare IT systems and devices to support their patient care and operational workflows.

For the past 10 years, Iguana has acted as a data bridge and traffic control unit between the various systems, seamlessly exchanging hundreds of millions of messages a day.

Workflow Automation

Automate Workflows, Increase Data Volumes and Ensure Data Accuracy

Transunion's cloud-based financial validation/verification solutions support a variety of claim-based workflows from almost 100 client sites.

Iguana has enabled Transunion to rapidly increase their roster of both healthcare and non-healthcare clients. Transunion has since doubled their data volume while maintaining data and process automation.

Unlocking Data

Assist Clinical Research with Real-time Data Aggregation and Transportation

Pfizer, one of the world's premier biopharmaceutical companies, relies on Iguana for data aggregation and transportation to support their Clinical Research Unit.

Iguana provides real-time data access across patient and laboratory management systems and it also aids in aggregating the right information to move research forward.

Care Coordination

Support All Aspects of Patient Care and Coordination

Tieto is the leading healthcare and welfare IT provider in the Nordics, focused on providing a streamlined care and service chain for both patients and providers.

Iguana was used to integrate Tieto's openEHR architecture with various databases, file systems, and web-based applications. This resulted in improved system efficiency, care coordination, and enhanced healthcare services at the individual, regional and national levels.

Security & Scalability

Scale Your Business and Meet Compliance Requirements

For the past 13 years, Iguana has been utilized by Connecticut Children's Medical Center (CCMC), a nationally-recognized acute care hospital, to facilitate bi-directional data exchange between EMRs, medical devices, and proprietary applications.

With over 100 interfaces deployed within VMware environments, Iguana has enabled CCMC to easily scale and meet increasingly rigorous security compliance requirements during each stage of their organizational expansion.

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