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Integrate HL7 FHIR with iguana

FHIR Integration Engine

Easily Exchange Data With HL7 FHIR And Web APIs

Looking to build FHIR interfaces that seamlessly integrate with healthcare systems? With the Iguana Integration Engine, you can easily develop interfaces that are fully compatible with FHIR resources, allowing you to:

  • Retrieve and transform FHIR data
  • Convert FHIR to and from other data formats
  • Set up a FHIR client to interact with FHIR servers


HL7 FHIR: An Overview

Why is FHIR important?

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a standard for healthcare systems that improves data standardization and electronic data sharing. FHIR combines the best features from HL7 v2, HL7 v3 and CDA, while also adding several significant improvements over previous standards.

Healthcare organizations have been increasingly demanding FHIR access from their EHR vendors. In turn, vendors are eager to support their clients' goals to improve patient care through internal and external data interoperability. EHR systems are now required to deliver enhanced FHIR-based API connectivity. This will equip healthcare providers with the ability to improve caregiver and patient workflow.

Implementing FHIR Interfaces With The Iguana Integration Engine

HL7 FHIR Interface Software Development

Iguana allows you to integrate with HL7 FHIR, as well as previous and future standards. This includes integrating with EHRs, Billing Systems, HIEs, and any healthcare application. Its built-in technology allows the development of customized interfaces for anyone in your organization to easily implement. Easily exchange electronic health information vida FHIR resources by developing and integrating FHIR frameworks using Iguana. This ensures site-wide interoperability, and access to data regardless of the underlying compatible EHR infrastructure.

Our Expertise In FHIR Integration

At iNTERFACEWARE Inc.,we support the use of any format including REST APIs and FHIR standards. It’s why the Iguana Integration Engine supports FHIR and web services like RESTful APIs right out of the box—no add-ons required. It's also why we provide all the tools, tutorials, and codes necessary to help you implement FHIR interfaces as quickly and easily as possible. Iguana supports the implementation of the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule.

How Iguana Works With FHIR


1. Ingest Data

Iguana can ingest any data format, such as HL7v2, and transform the data to appropriate FHIR Resources based on the FHIR specification.

2. Authenticate

Iguana can authenticate with the FHIR Server supporting industry standards like OAuth2.0.

3. RESTful API Interactions

Iguana can perform different operations against the FHIR Server (ex. GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) to send and receive FHIR resources.

4. FHIR Version Support

Iguana can support any version of the FHIR Standard (STU3, R4, etc.), ensuring compliance with the evolving standard.

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