Professional Services

iNTERFACEWARE's professional services help get you started with Iguana quickly and ensure that your projects are set up for success.

Training & Workshops

Iguana Fundamentals

  • Core concepts on how to build and deploy your first interface
  • Introduction to Chameleon and common use cases
  • Build your own integration exercise

Gain valuable insight into the world of integration, no matter your development experience level.

By the end of this training, you will be able to build and maintain interfaces in Iguana, while also learning how to develop future-proof solutions for your specific business needs.


Interface Design

First Integration Proof-Of-Concept (POC) Workshop:
  • Introduction to integration methodology and process
  • Development of project documentation templates
  • Integration testing strategies
  • First integration POC based on real sample data
  • Overview of working with LLP/HTTP/SFTP/Database interfaces
  • Repository management

This workshop gets you started with advanced, hands-on training tailored to the requirements of your first integration.

By the end of this training, you will be provided with Iguana's best practices documentation, along with a customized interface template for your most common workflow.


Interface Migration

Iguana Migration Workshop:
  • Interface migration best practices
  • Interface analysis report
  • Sample interface migration walkthrough

In this workshop, our team will help you develop a comprehensive migration strategy.

Whether you are migrating from a legacy system or simply upgrading to a newer version of Iguana, this workshop will walk you through the step-by-step process of migrating your interfaces according to your business requirements.


Iguana Setup & Configuration

Standard Setup

Standard Iguana Installation:
  • Install or upgrade Iguana according to best practices
  • Log and configuration directory setup
  • License activation
Standard Chameleon Installation (DEV Windows Only):
  • Install or upgrade Chameleon (if required)
  • Install Chameleon tool sets (e.g. HL7 Listener)
Standard Iguana Configuration:
  • Setup Iguana startup on server reboot
  • Setup or migrate user accounts
  • Setup log encryption (if needed)
  • Configure channel repositories
  • Import templates or pre-built modules to the development environment
  • Iguana dashboard configuration in production environment (e.g. CPU)
  • Setup e-mail notification standard in production environment
  • Develop custom deployment document

Our implementation team will work closely with you to manually install the latest version of Iguana in development, test, and production environments, and will certify that your Iguana instances are installed and configured according to best practices.


Enterprise Setup  +  High Availability

  • Everything in the Standard Configuration, plus:
HA Iguana Installation:
  • Install or upgrade Iguana
  • Log and configuration directory setup
  • License activation
  • Install Iguana HA on production server(s)
HA Chameleon Installation (DEV Windows Only):
  • Install or upgrade Chameleon if required
  • Install Chameleon tool sets (e.g. HL7 Listener)
  • Setup Load Balancers
  • Setup Iguana HA Tools (e.g. Poller Manager)
  • Develop custom HA Document
$10,000 (includes standard setup)

Iguana's High-Availability (HA) architecture is an infrastructure solution that achieves optimal system uptime and protects your business against data loss from server or system failures.

Our in-house Client Solutions (CS) team will install, configure, and test the Iguana components required for an efficient HA architecture.

Your Iguana will be optimized to monitor for service failure, perform automated failover and failback, persist message queues, and synchronize configuration changes.


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