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Connect to any system, in any data format, on any protocol with the Iguana integration engine

Connect Everything.

Any system. Any format. Any protocol.

Iguana’s Core Functions

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  • The Iguana Translator
    • Code Autocompletion
    • Script Annotations
    • Source Control
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Message Logs
    • Re-submit Message Features
    • Related Messages
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Import/Export Interfaces
    • Utilities and Tool
  • Public APIs

Monitoring Dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of all of your interfaces and servers. You can monitor real-time metrics, configure interfaces and access all of Iguana's major features.

Iguana’s intuitive dashboard provides an overview of all your interfaces and servers, allowing you to monitor real-time metrics and configure interfaces all in one place

Iguana also supports dashboard customization, which allows for many ways to interpret and view your interfaces.

Alerts & Notifications

Iguana allows you to configure alerts that meet your requirements. You can ensure that the right people are notified at the right time to initiate the necessary workflows.

Iguana allows you to configure alerts and notifications that meet your requirements to ensure that the right people are notified at the right time to initiate necessary workflows

User Roles & Permissions

The management of users, roles, and permissions provides the ability for administrators to improve security by assigning access rights to individuals and groups of users based on their function and responsibilities.

Control and manage users, roles, and permissions with Iguana to improve security by assigning accessibility rights based on individual responsibilities

Control the permissions and functionalities available to users under each role based on their responsibilities, and for which channel groups they will be able to view and interact with, for optimized auditing and security.

Public APIs

Iguana provides a rich set of APIs for greater control over your interfaces. You can access statistics to create your own dashboard, create and administer interfaces programmatically or query logs to trigger external processes.

Iguana provides a rich set of APIs for more control over your interfaces which gives you the ability to use data to create your own dashboard, query logs, and much more

Each public API has sample code for your reference.

Choose the Iguana integration engine for a scalable solution that matches your business needs Choose the Iguana integration engine for a reduced cost of ownership and faster implementation times Choose the Iguana integration engine to improve all areas of healthcare data access

The Business Case for Choosing Iguana

Reduce your total cost of ownership

Faster implementation times. Modest hardware requirements. Rock-solid reliability. Iguana takes into account the entire picture when it comes to the cost of your healthcare integration.

Improve your access to healthcare information

The versatility of Iguana enables organizations to improve all areas of data access including all of your clinical, financial, and operational workflows.

Scalable to match your business growth

Capable of processing millions of messages per day, Iguana scales to serve healthcare organizations of any size or integration requirement.

Your Complete Integration Solution

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Implementation Times

Able to process over 3,600 messages per second, Iguana can easily process even the most demanding message volume with very modest hardware requirements.

Iguana users find they complete integration projects 50% faster on average when compared to previous integration engines that they have used.  With a predictable and consistent approach, you spend less time on your integrations and more time on your core business.



Trusted by the Best

Used by over 800 healthcare providers and vendors, Iguana is trusted to consistently exchange mission critical information with high availability options to reduce the risk of unexpected downtimes.

Beyond our 24/7 emergency support services, we ensure that Iguana is installed and configured optimally.  Customers receive ongoing consultations regarding best practices and our expertise is available to you when you need it most.


Scale Quickly

Whether you're managing a few interfaces or a few thousand interfaces, Iguana has the speed and reliability required for your business, no matter what the size.

Unlimited instances of Iguana provide an easily scalable solution that is designed to match your business needs as you experience growth.


Encrypt Data

Iguana provides methods to help safeguard and protect electronic health information (ePHI) and make regulatory compliance easier through the encryption of data, both while in transit and at rest.

Iguana's logs are encrypted in real-time as they are written to storage using industry best practices

As the all-in-one integration solution for Vyne Medical, Iguana serves as their tool to handle a wide variety of complex scenarios, providing excellent flexibility

We needed a tool that could handle a wide variety of different scenarios across the board...Iguana provides excellent flexibility for us.

Matt Dyer,

Director of Integration, Vyne Medical

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