A smarter way to integrate: Custom scripts, written in Lua

At the core of any successful integration project is standardized data, to be sent and received.
Ensure your data is formatted properly β€” with the help of Iguana β€” by writing your own Lua scripts.

Drag-and-Drop  vs.  Custom Coding

Drag and drop based interface creation are complex and laden with limitations

Less dragging.

Every integration is unique, and with all the limitations of a visual editor, no amount of dragging and dropping will ever get your data formatted to your exact needs.

Scripting based interface creation provides the level of data customization you need.

More doing.

Customized data requires customized code, and Iguana's Translator is designed with the developer experience in mind. Take control of your interfaces, and leverage the power of Lua to write your own scripts.

Why code your interfaces in Lua?

Loved by developers, the Lua language is:

  • Easy to Learn: Lua employs a simple API, based on straight-forward logic that can be easily applied to both simple and complex integration scenarios.
  • Quick & Efficient: Lua is a dynamic language, meaning a variable can point to any type (e.g. integer, boolean, string, etc.) of object at runtime. This enables users to implement functionality with less code - you don’t need to define the type of every variable used.
  • Simple and Fast: Lua has high performance and a small footprint (it uses a simple API with few external dependencies). The simplicity of Lua is core to the Translator's performance and success!
Lua is easy to learn, a quick and efficient dynamic language, and high performing

Iguana makes coding easy

The Translator IDE
Find out how interfaces are built and customized in Iguana, via the Translator developement environment. It's filled with features that make scripting your interfaces in Lua easy.

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We're here to help

Online & Hands-on Training
While Lua is easy to learn, iNTERFACEWARE also offers a online and hands-on training options to ensure customers are well-equipped with the programming knowledge necessary for interface development.

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