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Revolutionizing Radiology Billing:

How Dexios Achieved Integration Autonomy with Iguana


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1. Client Overview

Dexios, an award-winning company focused on radiology billing, delivers customized solutions to optimize clients' billing processes and maximize revenue for the services they perform.

2. Integration Bottlenecks

Their efforts to manage clients' radiology interfaces were hindered by time-consuming and costly challenges, stemming from their dependence on third-party integration services. This caused extended delays and complicated the onboarding process.

3. Success with Iguana

Dexios brought the integrations in-house by utilizing Iguana, giving them complete and direct control over their clients' interfaces. With Iguana, they seamlessly integrated their clients' various radiology systems with ImagineSoftware's billing system.

4. Iguana's Impact

Switching to Iguana empowered Dexios to rapidly onboard new clients, by drastically cutting down both the time and cost involved with each new integration. This led to substantial improvements in client service and internal data handling efficiencies.



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Dexios Case Study

Additional Information

Radiology Medical Billing

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Preface: Ensuring proper reimbursement for radiology services demands specialized knowledge due to the complexity of medical billing tasks. Dexios Corp specializes in this area, assisting clients — such as hospitals, radiology groups, and imaging centers — to save time and money through accurate billing and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Prior to adopting the Iguana interface engine into their operations, Dexios relied on an external third party integration service for managing the data interfaces between their clients and the ImagineSoftware billing system for claims processing. However, this reliance meant they lacked direct control over the interfaces, which led to difficulties including:

  • High Deployment Costs: Adding each new interface incurred staggering costs, sometimes as high as $7,000 per interface.
  • Significant Wait Times: Dexios waited up to 90 days for new interfaces and endured three to four-week delays for minor updates, hampering timely client service.
  • Complex Onboarding: Acting as intermediaries between their clients and the external integration service created unnecessary complications and delays.
  • Troubleshooting Challenges: The lack of interface data transparency (no searchable logs) hindered issue resolution.

These challenges created a bottleneck, prompting Dexios to seek an in-house solution to reclaim direct control over their integration processes.


Dexios required an integration engine with both full control and the flexibility to handle a diverse range of client radiology systems. Iguana emerged as the optimal solution, striking a balance between cost-efficiency, a user-friendly interface, and comprehensive documentation. This decision marked the beginning of a transformative journey for Dexios.

The iNTERFACEWARE team played an important role in ensuring a seamless transition for Dexios when bringing Iguana on board. They delivered comprehensive on-site training, providing exceptional integration expertise, and supplemented it with ongoing education and support. This prepared Dexios to confidently manage their interfaces independently with their new in-house integration engine.

Iguana in Action: Streamlined Workflows for Radiology Claims Processing

With Iguana, Dexios now seamlessly integrates with numerous hospitals, imaging centers, and Radiology Information Systems (RIS) like Powerscribe, EPIC, Medinformatix, Fuji, Cerner, CPSI, eRAD, and Ensemble.

Leveraging Iguana's flexibility, the interfaces can effortlessly capture demographics and results messages from these diverse systems. Iguana then transforms the data into standardized HL7 messages for input into the ImagineSoftware billing system.

This streamlined approach has revolutionized Dexios' claims processing workflow, making it remarkably efficient and hassle-free.

Integration Diagram: How Dexios uses Iguana to capture data from various RIS into the Imagine Software Billing System
Dexios - Case Study Diagram (Without Captions)


The in-house implementation of Iguana at Dexios led to measurable improvements in their operations, significantly enhancing their radiology medical billing processes. The key achievements include:

  • Considerable Cost Savings: The costs for integrating new interfaces were reduced by 50-57%, with expenses dropping from a range of $6,000-$7,000 per interface to an average of around $3,000, leading to substantial financial savings.
  • Accelerated Deployment: The time frame for onboarding new clients was shortened by 90%, from more than three months to merely 5-10 days, significantly speeding up the client integration process.
  • Enhanced In-House Interface Management: The ability to make changes to interfaces directly meant that that modifications and updates can be completed within an hour – dramatically expediting the process, increasing their operational efficiency.
  • Improved Troubleshooting Efficiency: The duration for resolving data issues was cut by 75% (only 1-2 weeks now instead of 1-2 months), showcasing a significant enhancement in their problem-solving capabilities.

These results showcase Dexios' increased ability to cater to a variety of client needs through the flexibility of Iguana, solidifying their competitive edge in the market.

Dexios - Compelling Stats

By quickly and efficiently constructing interfaces tailored to diverse client specifications, Dexios not only achieved cost reductions but also considerably improved their service delivery and client satisfaction in the radiology billing sector. This strategic transformation highlights their commitment to providing robust integration solutions and underscores their position as a leader in the radiology billing industry.

"The iNTERFACEWARE team has been an excellent partner in enhancing our interface capabilities. Through onboarding, training, conferences, and support, they have consistently delivered exceptional service. With Iguana, we have achieved a 90% reduction in interface setup time for new clients and are now able to troubleshoot data issues within hours instead of weeks."

- Nicolas Pratt, Director of Information Systems

Looking Ahead

In addition to streamlining their clients' radiology interfaces, Dexios Corp also leverages Iguana's integration capabilities for their internal processes, illustrating the platform's versatility. This expansion of Iguana's application has opened new avenues for operational efficiency and strategic growth.

Internal Data Transformation: Dexios also uses Iguana internally to convert extensive CSV data. To meet the specific formatting requirements of their external database, they built a simple interface with Iguana to efficiently handle the task — cutting down hundreds of hours for their internal team.

Future Expansion Plans: With the success of this exercise in CSV data transformation, Dexios is now eager to expand Iguana's use in other areas of their business. They plan to enhance internal reporting capabilities by creating Google Workspace integrations, and also aim to streamline interface creation further by leveraging AI for accelerated development.

These initiatives reflect Dexios' commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. By extending the use of Iguana beyond the handling of Radiology Billing, they are able to take full advantage of the powerful tools they already have to optimize their internal business processes as well.

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Dexios is a national, radiology-specific billing company that has won multiple awards for transforming our client's billing. The company was created to provide radiology clients with custom solutions to fit their needs. All of Dexios' clients are in the top 10% in the nation for their billing. Dexios' mission is to be the best radiology billing company in the nation by putting in additional efforts to collect the most money possible for our clients. Dexios strives to treat our client's money like our own, meaning Dexios will apply the same time and attention to our clients to collect the most money possible, both successfully and ethically. Besides collecting the most money possible for our clientele, our mission is to provide and fulfill any radiology billing and coding needs for any radiology group in the country.

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