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Mastering Custom Integrations:

Harris Healthcare's Transition to the Iguana Integration Engine


  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom API Connections
  • Engine Migration (From BizTalk)


1. The Client

Harris Healthcare is a software vendor offering a suite of clinical, financial, scheduling and planning solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.

2. Engine Migration

They needed to migrate from BizTalk to Iguana as their integration platform. Their patient management portal interfaces were connected to various systems such as Rcopia and Atlas MD.

3. Custom Integrations

We migrated the client's interfaces to Iguana by developing new custom API integrations to connect with each platform.

4. Success, and Beyond

Upon successful migration, the client has seen a significant improvement in interface maintenance and troubleshooting.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM

DrFirst, Rcopia (E-Prescriptions)

Atlas MD (Lab Orders & Results)

Data Formats


XML (Standard)

XML (SOAP-based)



To/From File



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Navigating Custom Healthcare Integrations: Connecting to Microsoft Dynamics, DrFirst and AtlasMD

Harris Healthcare is a software vendor that offers a suite of products that consist of clinical, financial, scheduling and planning solutions. Behind the scenes, data integration is critically important in supporting the functionality of these services. 

When their integration engine, BizTalk, encountered a database deprecation issue and its support was reaching end of life, the client approached us to find a reliable replacement engine for migrating their integrations. Harris Healthcare faced a major challenge due to their field configuration in  Microsoft Dynamics CRM – with their patient information stored as custom entities, it would take a specialized integration engine that could interact with this unique data architecture. 

Hence, the ability to support custom API integrations was a key requirement for the new integration platform, as pre-built adapters were not readily available for extracting data from custom objects within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Furthermore, Harris Healthcare needed to manage complex integrations with DrFirst's Rcopia (for e-prescriptions) and Atlas MD (for lab orders and results).

In this case study, we highlight Iguana's exceptional capability to handle customization and integrate with a variety of healthcare systems. When it comes to an integration challenge, we love to roll up our sleeves and get right to the core of the problem. Continue reading to learn how we approached this project. 


Developing Custom API Integrations Using the Iguana Integration Engine

Before beginning the migration process, we analyzed and deciphered the pre-existing BizTalk interfaces. Equipped with a strong understanding of the client’s workflows, we then leveraged Iguana’s development environment to build new interfaces in order to connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Rcopia and AtlasMD. Due to the sheer volume of custom API connections required in each interface, we established templated API calls to make the build process efficient and scalable. 

iNTERFACEWARE’s Iguana integration engine is a powerful yet intuitive tool! Our organization uses Iguana to provide data integration between our EMR and multiple pharmacies, labs, and clearinghouses. Most recently, we leveraged Iguana to integrate with DrFirst Rcopia and Atlas MD.”

George Oldja, Product Team Lead at Harris Healthcare

Despite the complexity of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to store patient data, we were able to build custom API interfaces in Iguana.

Microsoft Dynamics was configured by Harris Healthcare to be used as the primary patient management portal. The platform acts as a central hub for every system including prescription and medication software, lab orders and results, and others. The limited API documentation added to the technical complexity of the migration process. However, Iguana effortlessly facilitated the customized integration of each component, overcoming the intricate technical challenges involved.

Harris Healthcare Integrations

Iguana was used to develop the following interfaces:
1. Upload patients, diagnoses and allergies from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Rcopia (DrFirst)
2. Download prescriptions and medications from Rcopia (DrFirst) into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
3. Bi-directional interface for lab orders and results, between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Atlas MD

The interfaces with Microsoft Dynamics CRM were seamlessly transitioned over from BizTalk. With the help of Iguana, the Harris Healthcare team of providers can now manage patients directly from Microsoft Dynamics where they have access to medications and prescriptions data, ensuring complete compatibility from one end point to another.


Smooth Migration, Enhanced Customization, and Future-Proofing with Iguana

We started with a complex migration task where our expertise was required to not only analyze and decipher pre-existing BizTalk integrations, but to also migrate them into Iguana. Using Iguana to build highly customized interfaces, we established connections with a multitude of healthcare systems and added value through:


Iguana easily handled the custom interfaces and API connections required for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as DrFirst's Rcopia and Atlas MD.

Ease of Use:

Iguana proved to be easier to manage compared to BizTalk, especially when it comes to troubleshooting and monitoring interfaces.


By migrating to Iguana, Harris Healthcare can continue to expand their business with confidence that any future integrations will be supported. Additionally, templated interfaces have been designed to efficiently scale alongside their integration needs.

The real benefit of the Iguana engine lies in its versatility. When we claim that Iguana can connect any system, in any data format - we mean it. Using a development-based approach, Iguana was capable of easily handling custom integrations and seamlessly integrate with various healthcare systems.

“The iNTERFACEWARE team provided exceptional customer support throughout these project’s implementations. They ensured that our integration needs were met and shared best-practices for optimizing workflows to promote efficiency. We highly recommend Iguana to any organization looking for a powerful integration solution backed by a team who genuinely cares about their clients' success."

George Oldja, Product Team Lead at Harris Healthcare

Our client is happy to report that the transition to Iguana was not only exceptionally smooth but also demonstrated itself as a superior solution compared to BizTalk. By selecting Iguana, they experienced an enhanced ease of use, improved troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities, and expert support from our professional services team throughout the entire migration process.

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