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The latest evolution of Iguana represents a significant leap forward, ensuring that you have the tools and capabilities to meet any integration challenge for decades to come.


Where Innovation Meets Integration

Meticulously reconstructed from the ground up, Iguana X is more than a surface upgrade — this overhaul guarantees unparalleled reliability, scalability, and resource-efficiency.

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Interface Creation, Reimagined

Component-Based InterfacesEffortlessly assemble interfaces of any complexity by seamlessly connecting a variety of purpose-built components, providing unparalleled flexibility in design.

Pre-Built ComponentsOur Core Collection includes a rich assortment of ready-made components, ranging from input/output system connections, to data/file transformations and more, offering a versatile toolkit for all your interface needs.

Bonus CollectionsIguana X also comes with a plethora of premium adapters — these Components include interface testing utilities, simulators, email/Slack notifiers, and so much more.

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The Translator 2.0

Lua-Based ComponentsEach pre-built Component is rooted in Lua code, allowing them to be fully customized to your liking in the new and improved Translator IDE.

Full GIT IntegrationExperience effortless developer collaboration and streamlined code promotion, as Components (and shared code libraries they contain) are all stored in dedicated GIT repositories for optimal efficiency.

Built-in Source ControlEffortlessly handle standard GIT operations through a user-friendly interface, or execute advanced commands via the in-app, integrated Terminal window.

VMD ReadyEdit and import VMD files seamlessly within the Translator — eliminating the need for a separate application.

• Using the Translator in Iguana X

Supercharged Dashboard

At-A-Glance ArchitectureExplore the composition, organization, and interactions of your interfaces through our new Dashboard visualizer, providing a useful comprehensive overview.

Tagging & OrganizationStreamline component management with custom #hashtags — organize, label, and sort as you like for precise and efficient interface management.

Server DifferentiationCustomize server names and color schemes to differentiate between production, testing environments, or any other organizational categories for enhanced clarity.

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Modernized Logging

Upgraded Logging SystemRedesigned for enhanced scalability, simplified troubleshooting, and incredibly fast performance.

Integrated FeaturesManage log messages with ease using built-in features for searching, resubmission, and auto-purging.

Expanded Log CapacitySay goodbye to limitations on log length, and utilize our built-in log generation tool to pre-emptively stress test server capacity.

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