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Whether you need to create interfaces for a single project or secure large volumes of critical data, we have a package fit for you. Our packages provide your organization with an integration solution designed to meet your current needs and scale with your business as it grows.


The Iguana Enterprise package delivers the reliability and performance required for operating large-scale implementations of mission critical integrations.

Designed for large-scale interoperability

Ensure the continuity of your business

The Iguana Enterprise package includes protection against costly downtime. Highly Available Iguana is a proven architecture solution designed to maximize the uptime of Iguana to ensure the continuity of information exchange and remove the complexity from our customers

Large-scale management simplified

Managing large-scale implementations can be difficult and time consuming. Iguana Enterprise comes with expanded capabilities for managing and monitoring large-scale implementations resulting in significant time savings when it comes to operational resources

Fast and secure deployment of interfaces

The deployment of your mission-critical interfaces must be rapid, reliable, and secure. The include interface deployment utilities simplify the promotion of interfaces through the entire process of development, testing, and production.

20+ years of experience at your service

Bundled within the package are our QuickStart, HealthCheck, and 24/7 emergency support services ensure that Iguana is installed and configured optimally, customers receive ongoing consultations regarding best practices, and our expertise is available to you when you need us most.

Built for high performance

Able to process over 3,600 messages per second, Iguana can easily process even the most demanding message volume with very modest hardware requirements.

Scalable to match your business growth

Unlimited instances of Iguana provide an easily scalable solution that is designed to match your business needs as you experience growth.

Score of 94.8 in the Best in KLAS® Software & Services Report*

At iNTERFACEWARE, we have been recognized by KLAS® as a top performer in the Integration Engines Segment for our leading software and services. Globally, over 800 healthcare providers and vendors rely on our KLAS reviewed Iguana® integration engine to improve the access to critical patient, administrative, and financial information.

"2018 Best in KLAS®: Software & Services, ranked in the Integration Engines Segment". January 2018, 2018 KLAS® Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Enterprise Features and Capabilities

Ensuring business continuity

Highly Available Iguana is a proven architecture solution designed to maximize the uptime of Iguana to ensure the continuity of information exchange and remove the complexity for our customers.

HA Iguana provides a reliable failover mechanism to a backup server that allows operations to continue as planned without interruption.

HA Iguana has been designed to work in any existing network topology, with any Iguana installation, and on any platform.

Fleet Manager

Managing large-scale implementations

The Fleet manager keeps you informed about the status of your integrations in one easy to use dashboard with better visibility of integrations at each stage of their development.

With unique built-in features that make monitoring and analyzing instances easier, this tool helps with improving:

  • Day-to-day operations
  • Interface Uptime
  • Integration organization

The fast track to interoperability

Our QuickStart program is designed to get our Professional and Enterprise customers up and running as quickly a possible. We assist in setting the foundation for long-term success by ensuring adherence to our latest standards and best practices.

With our QuickStart program you'll receive:

  • A professionally installed and configured integration platform
  • Advanced and basic end-user training
  • A blueprint for your first integration or interface migration

Designed for long-term success

Designed to ensure ongoing success, we provide a thorough, system-wide analysis of your infrastructure, configuration, interface design, and data flow.

This enables our Integration Specialists to deliver customized recommendations to improve in the following areas:

  • Workflow
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Security
Connect any system

Interface Deployment Tool

To ensure the rapid and safe deployment of interfaces, deployment utilities simplify the promotions of interfaces through the entire build process of development, testing, and production.

Process any data format

Log Encryption

To assist in the safeguarding and protection of electronic Protected Health Information, logs are encrypted in real-time as they are written to storage using industry standard encryption methods.

Use any transfer protocol

User Activity Audit Log

This User Activity Audit Log enables the logging and reporting of who has accessed, queried, and copied Protected Health Information. It is particularly useful in determining how, when, and where a data breach or HIPPA violation has occurred.

Core Functionality

The Translator

The Iguana patented development environment is designed for the rapid and accurate creation of healthcare interfaces, resulting in quick implementation with less time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting

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Enterprise Professional Base
Number of Iguana Servers Unlimited Development, Testing, and Production Production
Software Updates & Upgrades
Email Support
Phone Support
24/7 Emergency Support
Self-paced Training 3 seats 3 seats 1 seat
Annual HealthCheck
Networking Protocol Support LLP, SFTP, HTTPS and more LLP, SFTP, HTTPS and more LLP, SFTP, HTTPS and more
Standards Support HL7 v2, HL7 v3,FHIR, X12, XML, JSON, web services and more HL7 v2, HL7 v3,FHIR, X12, XML, JSON, web services and more HL7 v2, HL7 v3,FHIR, X12, XML, JSON, web services and more
Real-time Log Encryption
Audit Logging
Interface Deployment Tool
Unit Testing
High Availability
Fleet Manager

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