More than just an HL7 integration engine

Any engine can help you build HL7 interfaces, but today's integration teams are being asked to connect with cloud-based APIs, report to public health agencies and communicate with web service resources such as FHIR. That's where Iguana really stands apart.

The Iguana integration engine is the fastest way to create any interface, regardless of standard or protocol.

The Iguana Dashboard and Translator
One platform. Any interface. Endless possibilities.

What will Iguana allow you to do as a healthcare provider?

Reduce costs

Complete more integration projects with much less staff overhead.

Improve workflow

Optimize clinical, financial and operational workflow through the automation of time-consuming manual tasks.

Own your data

Ensure immediate access to all of the data flowing through your information systems. After all, it's your data, you should own it.

Take control

Take ownership of your implementation cycle instead of being at the mercy of your vendor's schedule.

Stay ahead of the game

Be prepared to quickly handle emerging data standards, Meaningful Use objectives, changing payment models, and anything else that comes your way.

← Software vendors

What will Iguana allow you to do as a software vendor?

Get paid faster

Clear your backlog of implementations by completing your integration projects faster than ever.

Sell more

Promote your integration abilities and implementation turnaround time as a core business differentiator.

Grow your business

Expand your market reach and discover new opportunities through your ability to connect any system or device. Interoperability will never be a limitation of your product.

Stay ahead of the game

Be prepared to quickly handle emerging data standards, Meaningful Use objectives, changing payment models, and anything else that comes your way.

→ Healthcare providers

Designed with your IT team in mind

Iguana has everything you need to build, test, monitor and troubleshoot any healthcare interface - all in a single platform.

The superior scripting engine

The Translator, Iguana's cutting edge development environment, lets you build any interface no matter what the source, destination or data format - all within a single screen. Seeing is believing!

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A single dashboard for all your interfaces

The Dashboard, gives you an overview of all of your interfaces and servers. You can monitor real-time metrics, configure your interfaces and access all of Iguana's major functions.

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A sophisticated logging system

Iguana's dependency-free logs are more than just a series of records. Instead you get a robust logging application to find and fix errors on the spot, reprocess problematic messages, select what information is logged and much more.

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Everything is included

Take control with public APIs

Iguana has a rich set of public APIs to give you even greater control over your interfaces. Access stats to create your own dashboard, create and administer interfaces programmatically or query the logs to trigger external processes.

Users and permissions

Manage users and define roles to control access to specific features, actions and interfaces.

Track your changes

Built-in source control and GIT support allows you to track, review and revert any change made to your interface logic or environment settings.

Alerts and notifications

Configure email alerts so your team knows exactly when there is a problem with your interface. Use Iguana's out-of-the-box alerts or build any custom alert you want.

Connect to everything

Iguana supports a wide number of transfer protocols to ensure you can connect to any system. LLP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/FTPS/SFTP, Web Services (SOAP, RESTful), Database, File system, TCP/IP.

Store your data anywhere

Where you store your data is up to you. Iguana supports all major databases.

High availability

Iguana supports any kind of high availability configuration you wish to use. With no external dependencies, you are free to choose the best method that works for your environment.

Process any data

Iguana supports numerous data formats to allow you to receive, transform and route any data you want. HL7 v2, HL7 v3, FHIR, CDA, CCD, X12, NCPDP, DICOM, EDI, XML, JSON, Delimited text, and more.

Completely Web-based

You can access your dashboard, logs and scripts from any web-enabled device.

Iguana has no premium add-ons or paid extensions.

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