The Complete Guide to HL7

HL7 Message Types

There are many different types of HL7 messages, each with its own unique purpose and message contents. Below is a list of the common HL7 message types.

HL7 Message Types


Common HL7 Message Types

There are over 80 different HL7 message types, but we've chosen some of the most commonly used ones to highlight here. Click on the specific message types for detailed information on each one:

Message Type Description
HL7 ADT Admit, Discharge and Transfer
HL7 ORM Order Entry
HL7 ORU Observation Result
HL7 MDM Medical Document Management
HL7 DFT Detailed Financial Transactions
HL7 BAR Billing Account Record
HL7 SIU Scheduling Information Unsolicited
HL7 RDS Pharmacy/treatment Dispense
HL7 RDE Pharmacy/Treatment Encoded Order
HL7 ACK Acknowledgement Message

HL7 Message Workflows

For more information about how Iguana supports HL7 message workflows, please visit our How Iguana Works with HL7 Messages page.

HL7 Message Types: Challenges

From HL7 ADT messages containing patient demographics, to HL7 ACK containing protocol acknowledgement information, HL7 messages come in many different types, each containing its own unique set of segments and fields. As they move through your healthcare ecosystem, each type of message requires its own specific handling procedure to ensure that the data is routed, received and sent correctly from one system to the other.

How does Iguana support different HL7 messages types?

Does your project involve sending and receiving multiple types of HL7 Messages? Or are you working with one specific type of message? In that case, you may find yourself looking for an easy solution to process HL7 messages. Developed by iNTERFACEWARE, Iguana is a data integration platform that allows you to easily transform the format, structure, and values of your HL7 messages. Whether your data is incoming or outgoing, Iguana allows you to manipulate any HL7 message type.

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