HL7 Message Types

There are many different types of HL7 messages, each with its own unique purpose and message contents. Below is a list of the common HL7 message types.

For more information about how Iguana supports HL7 message workflows, please visit our How Iguana Works with HL7 Messages page.

Message Type Description
HL7 ADT Admit, Discharge and Transfer
HL7 ORM Order Entry
HL7 ORU Observation Result
HL7 MDM Medical Document Management
HL7 DFT Detailed Financial Transactions
HL7 BAR Billing Account Record
HL7 SIU Scheduling Information Unsolicited
HL7 RDS Pharmacy/treatment Dispense
HL7 RDE Pharmacy/Treatment Encoded Order
HL7 ACK Acknowledgement Message


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Integration with HL7

HL7 is great standard, but anyone with first hand experience knows it's not without its challenges. We're here to help!

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Leverage the HL7 standard with Iguana

The ''non-standard" Standard

In practice, you'll find that everyone formats HL7 messages slightly different, even though it has a standard structure in place. With iNTERFACEWARE's integration engine, you can ensure that all data is normalized as intended for full compliance.

Easily convert HL7 versions with Iguana

Version Compatiblity

What happens when the source destination is sending one version of HL7, while the recipient's system can only handle an older version of HL7? With Iguana you can convert HL7 versions on the fly.

Data extraction with HL7

Data Extraction

As you've seen, HL7 messages can contain a lot of information -- sometimes much more than you need. Simplify things using Iguana, by extracting the data from the specific HL7 fields you need. 

Future proof your organization with HL7

Future Proofing

The HL7 organization is always working on improving the standard and new versions will keep coming in the future. Ensure that your data always remains compatible with iNTERFACEWARE's integration engine, Iguana.