The integration engine that puts scripting first

"Every single interface I have ever built, with any engine, has had a vast amount of customization and always required some amount of scripting."- An honest integration engineer.

The lion's share of time and effort in integration projects is spent overcoming complex obstacles that only scripting can solve. Instead of trying to replace scripting like other integration engines, Iguana focuses on making scripting easy for all users, no matter what their level of coding expertise.

Customize any interface with your specific requirements.

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The Iguana Translator

The Iguana Translator

The integrated development environment that gives you all the efficiencies of scripting combined with the conveniences of graphical mapping.

AutocompletionScripting has never been easier

Code faster and more accurately with on-the-spot scripting support for data mappings, functions and variables.

See it in action: Watch the video

Scripting has never been easier

AnnotationsIntegrated real-time testing

Watch in real-time exactly how your data is affected by your code, effectively combining development and testing in a single screen.

See it in action: Watch the video

Integrated real-time testing

Source ControlBuilt-in code management

With just a few clicks you can track, document and revert changes made to your scripts with a complete built-in source control system.

See it in action: Watch the video

Built-in code management

Code RepositoriesGet a jumpstart on your interfaces

Iguana comes with a collection of useful code repositories designed to give you a head start on your integration projects.

From generating CDA messages to developing FHIR web services, you get immediate access to an entire library of prebuilt templates, modules and utilities to help you quickly solve common interfacing tasks.

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