Integration Solutions

iNTERFACEWARE® offers a full range of enterprise solutions for every aspect of healthcare integration. Our end-to-end solution offerings are designed specifically for healthcare organizations to reduce cost, mitigate risk and to make informed data-driven decisions.

Solutions that help you integrate with any EHR

EHR Integration Services

Our vendor-neutral EHR integration solution enables the reliable exchange of data between information systems and all major EHRs including Epic, Cerner™, Allscripts®, Meditech and many more. We work directly with your staff to understand key workflows to ensure the simple and immediate access to the right information.

Connect any system

EHR Migration

Migrating to a new EHR? We’ll develop a comprehensive risk-free migration plan suited to your unique requirements, ensuring no disruption of services while transitioning to your new EHR.

Process any data format

Medical Device Integration

Our medical device solution enables healthcare providers and vendors to quickly and reliably integrate any medical device, no matter what unique or proprietary format is used. Our services team implements an enterprise-calibre solution that rapidly handles the high volume information exchange that comes with medical devices.

Use any transfer protocol

EMPI Solutions

Our EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) solutions keep patient information in sync across separate information systems to ensure organizations have access to clean data which is vital to care delivery and making informed decisions. Our services team implements a solution that detects, resolves and prevents future duplicate patient records.

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Data Analytics

The value of data exchange is in how the information is used.

Our on-demand analytics solution provides healthcare organizations with the access to data (often data believed to be unaccessible) in order to gain an accurate picture of their business performance. From clinical quality measures to managing readmissions, visualizing your data will allow you to identify and fix costly problems.

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Large-scale Enterprise Solutions

Data Protection and Security Solutions

Integration engine uptime

High Availability

Our High Availability solutions are designed to eliminate the risk of unplanned downtime by ensuring continuous data exchange. Our services team will evaluate your existing architecture, develop a comprehensive plan for High Availability configuration and implement a robust solution unique to your environment.

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Clinical Data Repositories

Our clinical data repository solution enables continuous access to the information that passes through your integration solution for as long as you require. Whether you have malformed messages that went unnoticed for months or your historical data requires analysis, we ensure you have the storage and archiving ability for as long as you need it.

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Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Our enterprise cloud solution offers a safeguard against potential interruptions to your integration services. Once implemented, organizations can isolate Iguana instances with a single-click deployment to the cloud. This enables a phased maintenance and upgrade strategy to minimize service disruptions. With "Iguana on-demand", your enterprise architecture is protected.

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