Business benefits when choosing the Iguana integration engine

Business leaders around the world choose Iguana as their integration platform

  • Lower TCO
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Scalable & Flexible

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Utilize your existing technology stack, and maximize the use of your existing software and personnel with Iguana.

No third party dependencies

Leverage your existing infrastructure

As a browser-based application, Iguana has a lightweight footprint and zero third-party dependencies. No additional hardware or software is required, enabling you to deploy with flexibility.

Iguana can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, in both physical and virtual environments
Monitoring Dashboard
The Dashboard presents an overview of service and interface status metrics, and provides access to all of Iguana's essential tools and features. Interface Monitoring Dashboard
Custom Notifications
Email and SMS Notifications automate interface monitoring and alerting workflows. Custom notifications and alerts
Activity Logs
Message Activity: Iguana's Logs provide visibility into all stages of operational and data processing activity, allowing you to easily pinpoint, manage and troubleshoot errors.

Message Resubmission: Authorized users can manually correct data errors directly in Iguana, and resubmit messages for processing in bulk or on a single-case basis.
Public APIs
Iguana's Public APIs provide you with the tools necessary to programmatically aggregate data and manage your Iguanas externally while gaining robust insight into your interface and data interactions. APIs to programmatically manager your interfaces

No costly add-ons

Everything is included

Iguana's robust features make it the only platform you need to manage your interfaces with ease and efficiency.

Leverage existing personnel to easily monitor and troubleshoot interfaces in Iguana, without additional software or staffing requirements.

What our clients are saying

"Iguana helped us to overcome a variety of business challenges and to resolve some data aggregation issues without a lot of extra staffing. The integrations typically were brought up in a timely manner, and I cannot stress enough how easy the product is to support/manage."
- Edward W., Owner in U.S.
(Source: Capterra)

Security & Reliability

Iguana's built-in tools ensure peace of mind by supporting compliance with data security standards.

User roles & permissions

Ensure authorized access to your sensitive data with customizable user roles & permissions.

Built-in logs

Reduce data breach exposure with Iguana's built-in log encryption and audit logs.

High Availability

Meet SLAs and avoid costly downtime with our proven High Availability architecture.

Business Scalability

As your business grows, Iguana easily scales with your needs without incurring additional costs. Regardless of how your business requirements evolve, Iguana's flexibility assures future proof support.

High Performance

Increase high-volume message transactions

Iguana is capable of processing millions of messages per day with modest hardware requirements and minimal lag time.
The Iguana integration engine is capable of processing millions of messages per day
Standardized Development

Develop new interfaces quickly

Develop and scale interfaces quickly with Iguana’s data-driven Translator development environment.
Fast interface development
New Data Types

Process additional data formats

As your business scales, Iguana gives you the flexibility to exchange any data format and connect to any system.
Integration support for any data format and system connection

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